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V-Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. determine Privacy Policy as below, built the scheme of Privacy Policy, and promote Privacy Policy as all employee be thorough with effort and recognition of Privacy Policy's importance.

Management of Customer information

We keep private infromation right and new, and take a necessary action such as the maintenance of security system, improvement of management system, and in-depth employee training to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leaking of private information, and implement safety measures, manage personal information strictly.

Purpose of using private information

Private information we collect from customers will be used for sending e-mails and documents as a response from our company, guidance of work and questions.

Prohibition of disclosure / offering private information to third person

We will manage the private information properly which we received from customer, and we will not disclose private information to third person except for under any of following.

* If there is a agreement by customer.

* A case we disclose information to contractors with whom entrusted operations from us.

* A case when disclosure is necessary according to law.

Safety measure of private information

We take perfect measures to the security for the Ensure safety and Accuracy of private information.

Customer Identity Verification

If customer requests verification, update or delete of private information, we will correspond after confirmation.

Compliance and review of Laws and Norms

We comply the Japanese law and other norms which applies to private information we hold, review as appropriate this Private Policy and try to improve it.

Contact Us

Please contact to below for the question about our management of private information.

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TEL +84(613)566-966